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We are supporting Gradle build system that comes with Android ecosystem. We are not supporting other build system such as Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter or old Android build system with Eclipse and Ant.


Coppernic's libs are stored in nexus.

In your build.gradle file add a repository:

repositories {    //[...]    maven { url "" }    // Some librairies hosted on github are published in bintray    maven { url "" }}

⚠️ is now redirected to Please change it in your build.gradle file ⚠️


You can then add Coppernic's dependencies in your build:

dependencies {    // Coppernic    implementation 'fr.coppernic.sdk.cpcutils:CpcUtilsLib:6.18.4'    implementation 'fr.coppernic.sdk.core:CpcCore:1.8.16'
    // --- Optional
    // Ui    implementation 'fr.coppernic.lib:splash:0.2.0'
    // Some interactors used with RxJava    implementation 'fr.coppernic.lib:interactors:0.1.5'
    // Logging    implementation 'com.jakewharton.timber:timber:4.7.1'    implementation 'fr.bipi.treessence:treessence:0.3.0'    implementation 'com.arcao:slf4j-timber:3.1'}