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Welcome on Coppernic's SDK documentation website.


Coppernic SDK is a collection of Android libraries to help developer in using peripherals of Coppernic's products. These libraries are hosted on an maven instance available at You can browse in libs-release-coppernic repository and check out what are the last version of our libs.

While developping your application, please have a look to quality


Coppernic products are:

  • Access
  • C-five
  • C-One
    • HF ASK
    • LF Agrident
    • HF iClass / LF Prox
  • C-One e-ID
  • C-One²
    • HF ASK
    • LF Agrident
    • HF iClass / LF Prox
  • C-One² e-ID
  • ID Platform
    • FAP-50
    • FAP-30
    • FAP-20


All our samples are hosted on Github and are open source (license).

Getting help#